A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out ~Korean Proverb



Things one may see in Korea and not the US.

  1. Women holding hands everywhere
  2. Men who look uncompromisingly gay (possibly the majority)
  3. Cars that park or drive on sidewalks
  4. Hard liquor in 7-eleven
  5. Girls constantly taking pictures of themselves with their cell phones
  6. Under-priced everything, except pizza, antiperspirant, and peanut butter.
  7. No trash cans, anywhere.
  8. Women climbing mountains in high heels.
  9. Refrigerators specifically for kimchi.
  10. Affordable medical care.

Differences between Korean Americans and Native Koreans. (Warning, broad generalizations and jokes)

  1. Korean American women dye their hair. Girls here tend towards black hair.
  2. Korean American men dress like thugs, native Korean men dress like flamboyant homosexuals.
  3. American Koreans rarely talk to you, and if they do, they are usually only talking Korean around you. Native Koreans like to talk Korean and English (if they know it) with you.
  4. Korean American women shave their legs. Native Korean women often do not.
  5. Korean Americans are Christian, native Koreans are Buddhist or Catholic.
  6. Native Korean women tolerate latent and blatant sexism that Korean American women generally would not.
  7. Most mentioned individual by Korean Americans: Jesus Christ.
  8. Most mentioned individual by Native Koreans: Current pop star
  9. Most college aged Native Korean women live with their parents and have strict curfews.
  10. Native Korean men treat women like dirt, as compared to Korean American men who treat women like larger stones or rocks.

Things I dislike

  1. Lack of trash cans
  2. A male image of beauty that makes Oscar Wilde look like a monk.
  3. Girls constantly giggling or saying “Chincha?!” all the time
  4. How the tap water is poisonous
  5. The lack of paved roads around Ewha.
  6. The mountain that my dorm is located on.
  7. The smell of feces that permeates the streets in Sincheon.
  8. The lack of unhealthy food.
  9. The omniscience of Kimchi.
  10. Mustard, mayonnaise, pickled seaweed, and those yellow radish banchan.

Things I have planned for the remainder of my stay

  1. Trip to Japan.
  2. Trip to Pusan. (going Oct 21 – 23)
  3. Trip to DMZ. (going Oct 29)
  4. Trip to Thailand
  5. Watch Nanta.
  6. Go out on the Han River on a pleasure boat.
  7. Go to Itaewon.
  8. Go to Namdaemun market (going tonight)
  9. Purchase a lot of crap in Insadong.
  10. Find some method to make Δbank account positive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Nice entry, sweetheart. :)

8:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i actually agree with some of your generalizations :p

2:11 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible. Love every bit of it. Man, I almost punched some girl in the elevator...javier then informed me it was "prudence." weird huh? Korean kids...ohhh man......I don't even know what race of people i should even associate myself with anymore. -Nick

6:21 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL..I llke native koreans .

11:05 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction: Catholics are also Christians

9:46 am

Blogger Brian said...

Haha, yeah. Sorry, I should have made the differentiation based on branches of Christianity.

11:57 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

u r not going to china T_T

7:40 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah - i tagged you.
you have to look at my xanga to see what it means.
but you suck cos you dont use your xanga.
so i guess do it on here.

PS - it's BUSAN not PUSAN.
american western oppressive elitist asshole. oh yeah- insensitive.

12:18 am

Blogger Rick said...

I think your lists pretty much cover the basics. However, get rid of that fucking music. Jeebus.

5:17 pm

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