A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out ~Korean Proverb


Summer 2006

Before I begin, I'd like to note two things in order to personally remind myself why it is I keep this blog and what it means to me. First, I am very happy with the quality of my blog's prior entries, and I should realize that this blog, first and foremost, should be a recording of my life and adventures so that in the future I can look back and be reminded of all the wonderful memories. Secondly, and following on the aforementioned note, because this blog is intended to serve as a memory repository, I should always consider that I am only doing a disservice to myself through negligence. Thus, it is important that I continue to update as thoughtfully as before, yet quite a bit more frequently.

With this said, I’d like to begin what will be a second installment of my adventures abroad. Late last semester, while I was studying at Ewha University, I contacted several professors in a couple Korean and Japanese universities. Ironically, the best lab, and the only lab that offered to meet with me was a lab at Ewha University. After having met with Professor Jin-Ho Choy, he indicated there would be room in his lab for me to help and learn along the way. Thus, this summer I will be working in the Center for Intelligent Nano Bio Materials at Ewha University. More precisely, I will be working for a lab group called NanoHybrid (www.nanohybrid.com) that is world famous for their implementation of nanotechnology in everyday products. Besides being the representative lab in South Korea for nanomaterial research, it is also probably one of the most famous in the world. As for my personal research, I am not completely sure as I have not been given a formal project statement from my superiors; however, I will probably be researching drug and DNA stabilization through nanomaterial coatings/barriers.

I am very excited for this trip for several reasons (besides the interesting research). First, I will be living on my own in a foreign city. This is quite different than the situation I faced last semester, where I operated under the watchful eye of an international studies department. Besides being completely on my own, I am trying to finance this entire trip, from the airfare to the food with scholarship and grant money. Thus, this will be the first time I will provide entirely for myself (shelter, food, etc) and will do it while living in a foreign country to boot. Finally, I am quite happy to be able to see my friends again in Korea, and perhaps make even more foreign connections. Because of the friends I made last semester, I have a trip to Europe planned for Winter 06/07. Likewise, I hope that this summer will be fruitful not only in friendships, but possibly also in research/business connections.

After having read the prior three paragraphs I’ve been left with this distaste for the matter-of-fact style that appears to have been adopted. Thus, I will try my best to avoid such bland discourse. Perhaps I can find some optimal blend between the cynicism I vomited out during my DMZ entry and satire I often use in personal dialogue (while of course staying true to the facts).

Some notes: I will be adding additional picture sites as need arises, I will be updating at least once a week (so check back often), and the music freaking stays. I like it.