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So generally, Halloween is a holiday not celebrated in Korea…however because of the large number of international students from America, the international program at Ewha hosts a large Halloween party for us. Other clubs and bars across Seoul also capitalize on this western tradition by throwing similarly themed parties. However, I think our party was one of the most exciting in the region. I had worked on my costume for nearly a day. I decided, several weeks in advance to be the large green “L” shaped tetris block….but had done nothing towards accomplishing such a goal until the last minute. A day before the party my friends Katie and Meghan brought me several huge boxes for transporting instant noodles from the student hall. I promptly began to cut, plan, shape, and paint the boxes. Two bad things happened. One, I had to stay up late to paint half of the costume and was very tired during class on Friday…second, while spray painting out on my balcony I did not think about what might happen should some spray hit the floor…thus as you will see…as a permanent testament to my stupidity: there are several green squares outside on my balcony floor. Friday, after class, I continued to paint and construct my costume. Around 4:00 I brought it over my friends Jessica and Marten’s apartment because they live right next to Cass City…the location of the party. I completed my costume there and eventually made my way to the party. And yes, I did walk through a major intersection and about 200 meters of city sidewalk with my costume on. The expressions of onlookers were priceless. When I arrived at the party, everyone went crazy. I had one of the best costumes, by far. I got in hundreds of pictures with people I did not know, and also, met many new friends. At the end of the party they gave awards to the costumes and I received best costume! My prize, which I have used frequently since acquisition, was mango scented body wash. Fantastic. At the end of the party all of my friends ceremonially jumped into me and smashed my costume. TETRIS!

Eternal testament to my stupidity

James Dean, Me, some hot Finnish girl

Korea folk, Cuban cigar entrepreneur, tetris block

Team Hong Kong, Tetris block

Taking a breather

Look at all the korean people! What a packed house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice entries, sweetie. :)

7:05 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, get back home soon man. Its been long enough. Take care though, have a safe "rest-of-the-trip".

1:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the tetris costume is so neatly done!!!!!!
It seems like you are making up for the partying that you haven't done at Rutgers. with lots of girls. lol

3:56 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love that big green tetris block.. but who's that guy inside of it ??

12:59 pm

Blogger Leif Nabil said...

Great job! Kudos from my friend, a fellow Tetris fan.

11:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mango scented body wash. awesome

2:14 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:04 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:59 pm


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